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Specialist avian influenza (AI) insurance


Avian Influenza

As the ongoing crisis in the wild bird population continues, with outbreaks of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) causing thousands of deaths, growers, egg producers and businesses that are ancillary to the primary farming and food production industries, must have contingency plans in place. The situation is compounded by agri-inflation and the increased financial risk the poultry and ancillary industries now face.

Many businesses are also unclear whether existing policy wordings can accommodate every scenario. Indeed, some producers are unaware of their responsibility to organise secondary cleaning and disinfection and that it is their responsibility to draw up an appropriate plan and obtain approval from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

What we do

Our team at Dallas Scott Davey, allied with a forward-thinking Lloyds underwriting capacity, is currently insuring against bird flu, as well as handling claims, on behalf of businesses throughout the industry.

Why should you call us?

Understanding the financials, the production process and the standards of existing biosecurity are key. However, it’s crucial to adopt a mindset around contingency planning. We work with clients to achieve all these objectives and we have a genuine understanding of what’s at stake.

With a combination of up-front financial planning upon which the underwriting hinges, and a clear understanding of the biosecurity measures adopted, individually tailored insurance cover is available. Most importantly we source policies that measure the true consequential loss to the business as a result of disruption caused by an outbreak, rather than basing cover around traditional material damage market valuations.

Plus, we can go further, to help clients understand the implications that lockdowns of neighbouring units could have, within any 3km prevention zone or the 10km surveillance zone. Alternatively, cover can be tailored for instances where multiple businesses operate from a location where a poultry unit is based, such as holiday homes, farm shops or retail units, to mitigate against possible interruption to those income streams as well.

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