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What we do

We understand that not all farms and estates are the same and that is why we have access to specialist insurers who can provide a full range of farm, agricultural and estate specific insurance products, including farming property, goods in transit, livestock, machinery and tools, business interruption, hail cover and household insurances.

As well as arranging the usual liability covers, we can arrange farm specific management liability policies which provide a wide range of valuable covers relating to farmers personal liabilities. 

We work with one of the UK’s largest pools of farm motor insurers, and cover can be arranged for agricultural fleets including tractors, combines, cars, commercial vehicles, including implements and attachments.  We also have access to a professional and reliable engineering inspection service too.

With farms and estates now diversifying, we have the expertise to arrange the covers you need and have access to various products covering events, commercial shoots, as well as holiday lets, equestrian activities, filming, forestry, and all sorts of other activities.

Why should you call us?

Each year we sit down with our clients face to face and review their portfolios, to ensure their insurance needs are being met and are up to date. Our friendly and experienced team have agricultural backgrounds and have worked in the farming insurance industry for many years.

Dallas Scott Davey Ltd is headed up by experienced insurance professionals, Darren Scott and Ed Davey and Ed who is a partner in the family farm, has a genuine understanding of the significant challenges farming clients face, across all sectors, not least due to agri-inflation.

Steering a course for businesses and building the right strategy needs more careful attention than ever before. Ultimately farms and associated businesses have to balance cost versus risk and our specialist industry knowledge and ability to provide a completely bespoke service sets us apart from everyone else.

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