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What we do

TL Dallas is a full-service insurance broker providing quality advice and cover for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

We provide clients with easy access to travel insurance cover through our  online quoting system, as well as other insurer options for more complex needs.

Quotes for single trips or annual cover can be arranged for destinations all over the world.

Why should you call us?

Travel insurance is vital when travelling abroad as it provides emergency medical services cover, which can be extremely costly, and cancellation cover.  It also provides general support for all types of emergencies, such as lost passports and the theft of wallets, money, phones, and other essentials.

If for whatever reason the online quote doesn’t meet a clients’ needs, our dedicated and experienced team is on hand to discuss things in person.

Some people find it difficult to arrange travel insurance because they:

• Have been refused travel insurance because of a medical condition
• Have had travel insurance cancelled because of a medical condition
• Have been offered travel insurance, but had a medical condition excluded
• Have been offered travel insurance with a high additional premium

If this is the case, click here and you will be re-directed to the MoneyHelper travel insurance directory, which will suggest specialist firms that might be able to help.

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