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Claim consultancy


What we do

Claims are the sharp end of our profession. Ultimately, it is only during a claim where all the work your broker has done, selecting the insurer and arranging the cover, is actually proven! 

At TL Dallas we have always prioritised our efforts, processes, and group structure towards ensuring that we can provide a high standard of in-house claims service for our clients. This means taking as much of the hassle away from you as we can and fighting for the best possible settlements.

Why should you call us?

We have been doing this for our broking clients since we started over 100 years ago, and now we also provide this service for non-broking clients. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘loss assessor’ service (not to be confused with a ‘loss adjustor’, who works for the insurer, rather than the policyholder).

Regardless of who arranged your policy, if you are unhappy or need more confidence on how your policy might respond to a claim, a loss, or even just a worrying situation yet to materialise, we can help.

Services we offer include….

A consultancy service to review and advise, either as a one-off exercise or ongoing throughout the life of a claim.

Take on the negotiation of your claim directly with your insurer or loss adjustors.

Provide a second opinion on a repudiated or unsatisfactory claim outcome.

Our services can benefit any type of claim, but are usually required when things get complex or disputed, for example in business interruption claims and in complex or large property claims that might relate to a fire or flood etc. We can also advise on financial, professional and technical claims or losses where policy coverage and response is not clear. In addition, we can assist with those unusual situations where the application of the policy terms seems ambiguous.

We will not charge for an initial review and will provide bespoke advice that is tailored to the situation.

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