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Travel tips

If you’re escaping for some Winter sun or planning a trip next year, here are five useful things to remember …


1. Always buy the right cover for you

Don’t just look at the price of travel insurance. Make sure you buy cover that has all the protection you’ll need – such as covering any activities you might be doing, or any medical conditions you have. If you don’t, and something goes wrong, you might end up having to shoulder the cost. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has some helpful advice about choosing the right cover here.


2. Don’t leave it too late

It is best to book your travel insurance policy at the same time as you book your holiday – so you’ve got a policy in place in case your circumstances change and you need to cancel your trip.


3. Don’t pay the price for drinking too much

Alcohol exclusions are a common feature of travel insurance. While you’re not expected to avoid alcohol completely, it is worth bearing in mind your claim may be turned down if it’s linked to excessive drinking. There are an increasing number of reports on this in the media and you can read more in the Financial Ombudsman Service newsletter.


4. Check it’s safe to travel

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office gives official advice about whether it’s safe to travel in different countries and regions. Also check what your travel insurance says about things like natural disasters and political unrest.


5. Keep your insurer in the loop

Make sure you always carry your insurer’s contact details with you. If something goes wrong, contact your insurer as soon as possible – they should be able to tell you what’s covered and advise you what to do next. If you go ahead without checking first, you might end up having to pay out yourself.


At TL Dallas many of the Household and Business policies we arrange include good quality Travel Insurance, or we can arrange stand alone cover. Please contact your local office for more information.


Source: Financial Ombudsman newsletter, 2018