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Can I have a premium break/holiday?

Premium finance houses & insurers are being inundated with requests for payment holidays and are only considering these on a case by case basis and with significant additional information regarding your proposed plan post COVID-19 for repayment. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch with your usual contact.

Construction Insurance

Cessation of Work Exclusion or Limitation: Many policies have a “cessation of work” exclusion or limitation which will void coverage if work is stopped for a reason other than what is outlined in your policy. Other policies may allow a cessation of work for a certain time period after which, coverage is void or is reduced. […]

Engineering Inspection (Statutory Inspection)

Insurers are retaining their inspection service focused on essential services only. Following a definition by HSE and talks with members of SAFed, these essential services are defined to be facilities that are crucial for the treatment/research of the Coronavirus and the general infrastructure of the country. This includes: Health care settings (hospitals, GP practices and […]

Travel insurance

I am unable to travel due to the most recent update from the government, what should I do? You should first ask your airline or travel provider to postpone your trip or arrange a refund, this applies for both trips abroad and in the UK. Once you have done this you should look to register […]

Fleet and Car Insurance

Can vehicles be laid up as they are not being used? Some insurers are allowing vehicles to be laid up, and will allow return premiums when the vehicles are confirmed to be on SORN basis – please speak with us about this. My doctor self-isolated me, am I covered to drive? Yes, unless there is […]

Working from home

Myself and many members of the team are now working from home – do we need to let insurance companies know and what cover do I have? Insurers are committed to enabling you to continue working, and for some it does mean the need to work from home, be that you as the ‘business owner’ […]

Unoccupied properties

My premises are now unoccupied as we have followed Government advise to close the business or my tenants have moved out – what should I do Every insurers has a different definition of ‘unoccupied’ but in general you need to let us know if the buildings  are likely to be unoccupied for a period of […]

Business Interruption Insurance

If the government orders my business to close because of the coronavirus, can I make a claim on my business interruption cover? The current spread of coronavirus – and the precautions being taken by the government to stop it – is completely unprecedented. Business interruption cover is designed to protect you against dangers like fires […]