Safeguarding your Treasures – Does your insurance policy reflect increases in value?

Valuable jewellery means a lot of different things to different people. It can mean a precious family
heirloom; a reminder of a special moment in your life, or simply a favourite piece received as a gift.

In recent years, as investors have continued to be more cautious about unpredictable assets like equities, the monetary value of some fine jewellery has been growing. With the price of gold reaching record highs in recent times, a continued interest in precious gems has also led to the growth in value of stones – in particular rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

In fact, coloured stones have had a renaissance of late both in desirability and value. The strength of the coloured gemstone market proves that they are just as coveted as a diamond. Although they are a slightly more informal choice, the physical attributes of these gems make them highly desirable and some can be just as rare as a diamond.

When investing in either fine gemstone jewellery, or high end timepieces, you should always visit
a trusted, authorised retailer who is long established in the industry to fully understand the product
you are purchasing.

TL Dallas’ Helene Brown comments, “Whilst the increase in the values of precious metal and stones is great news from an investment perspective, owners of valuable jewellery and timepieces should regularly review the sums insured to ensure there is no shortfall in the unfortunate event of damage, theft or loss.”

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