Working airside? What is the worst that could happen?


Do you ever carry out work at an airport, either land side or airside? High value buildings and aircraft, large, concentrated volumes of people – what is the worst that could happen?

Whether you are re-laying part of the runway or simply installing a cooker hood in a departure lounge restaurant, most standard Public Liability (PL) insurance policies will automatically exclude airside work, and many will even exclude any work at an airport.


The usual solution

The solution offered by many insurance brokers is to arrange a stand-alone Public Liability policy to the limit of indemnity required by the airport (£50M for BAA airports). This is usually provided through schemes run by the like of Marsh, Willis etc. and policies are relatively cheap.


The important questions

These policies will cover you while you are undertaking your work (Public Liability), but what cover does it give you after you have left the airport (Products Liability)?

If your completed works are defective and cause injury or damage, which insurance (if any) do you think will respond?

The solutions are simple and cost effective.


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