TL Dallas Team Spotlight: Sarah Aldridge

What do you do at TL Dallas?

I work in the Trade Credit team based in Bradford. I look after and advise clients on their credit insurance policy and credit risk options, mainly new business and portfolio management.

Did you always want to work in insurance?

Does anyone ever want to work in Insurance? No I honestly did not, although my mum worked in Insurance, as an underwriter. I also didn’t want to work in Credit and like many people fell into the industry. I started working when I was 17. I found my National Record of Achievement recently and it was very clear that I wanted to teach languages.

What’s the best bit about working in credit insurance?

I genuinely love it because every day is so different and the need to adapt to different client styles and situations keeps it interesting. One day I could be pitching to an FD decision maker and credit manager in a board room; the next I’m talking to the owner who is still in overalls sat perched in the canteen!

Equally credit insurance is affected by what happens globally – Brexit is bringing all kinds of challenges, including currency exchange, inflation and we see how this affects business in real terms. Nothing stands still.

Outside of work, what keeps you motivated?

Family and friends – I have two children aged 15 & 3 and they motivate me to better myself and to work hard to be a good role model. I’m a bit of a secret geek and love learning (starting my MBA this year). I feel most motivated when I’m writing papers and learning for myself or teaching others. Seeing others develop and knowing you played a part in that is satisfying.

Name a famous person who inspires you?

JK Rowling is a fantastic role model. A single mother who worked so hard to pursue her career, I do love an underdog! She makes people smile with her amazing imagination and I also love how she keeps things real, appearing very down to earth and of course she supports a lot of charities – that always gets my vote!


Contact Sarah Aldridge – or call 07779 060060.