Staff Spotlight Mike Mitchell

1. What is your role at TL Dallas?

My role at TL Dallas is Group Broking Manager. 
I have responsibility for managing and maintaining (sometimes troubleshooting) our Insurer relationships.

I also have responsibility for leading the Group’s Construction & Demolition Sector Work, which means I often support colleagues and their clients around the country.

2. How did you get into working in insurance?

I decided a uni course in “Industrial Measurement and Control Engineering” was even more boring than Insurance and joined Legal & General as an underwriter.

3. What part of your role do you find most rewarding?

Educating clients as part of the process. Not all policies are created equal and seeing prospective clients faces when you explain the inevitable failings of the policy they already have and what cover is actually available (with the right advice from us) is always good.

4. What motivates you outside work.

What drives me or who do I drive? I secretly aspire to be a chauffeur, so the opportunity to ferry my children between events at the weekend is a blessing. I’m a Manchester United fan, from a family of United fans, so you’ll understand I can have more fun watching the children play football at obscure grounds around Cambridgeshire and Essex.

5. Name a person that inspires you.

MC Escher – he always had great perspective.