Helping you through Winter – hints and tips for buildings

In the Winter months, the maintenance and protection of buildings are put to the test. We offer some practical advice for a couple of the most common issues.

Keeping Pathways Clear

You have a duty of care to ensure that any visitors are safe; this is particularly relevant over the Winter period. 

Unfortunately, slips and trips can happen, particularly when there is ice and snow on the ground.

You should take actions that are ‘reasonable in the circumstances’.

This can include ensuring that entry and exit routes are kept free of anything which may cause a person to slip and taking preventative measures, such as clearing and gritting paths. It is not necessary to clear every available path immediately, as long as there is one safe route available to access the building. The longer the snow and ice remains on the ground, the greater the risk of an accident occurring. 

Protecting Water Pipes

  • Ensure your pipes are in good condition and your heating system works properly and efficiently 
  • Have the boiler and heating system serviced on a regular basis
  • Familiarise yourself with the location of the stopcock 

If you discover a frozen pipe DO NOT WAIT! Turn off the water supply and slowly allow the pipe to thaw. 

Should you discover a burst pipe, turn off the water supply and seek to catch any excess water in a suitable container and then call a plumber. Do not use electrics if you believe they have been affected, they should be checked over by an electrician. 

For more information about protecting your buildings during the Winter months, please speak to your local TL Dallas branch.