Free ALPS Road Rescue App

Did you know… 

As a TL Dallas private insurance client you can receive a free ALPS road rescue app if you have purchased car breakdown insurance.

The free ALPS road rescue app, which is available for both iPhone and android smartphones, provides a fully integrated approach combining road rescue assistance with the ability to capture service and maintenance requirements throughout the life of the vehicle.

Features include:

My Car
By entering the car registration and mileage the driver has a suite of vehicle information at their fingertips such as the vehicle’s MOT and tax due date, MOT advisory information and service schedule details.  The user can even purchase their road tax straight from the app.

My Journey & Driving 
For each completed journey, the driver is given a score based on speeding, acceleration, breaking and cornering results.  This information is used to build a driving profile which can contribute to improved safety.  The data is used as a driver reward system.  The latest live traffic updates are also available.

Roadside Assistance – SOS Button 
The app provides a simple and convenient way to access help by using GPS tracking.  By simply pressing a button the app automatically connects you to the Road Rescue assistance centre and with the vehicle locator map, you can easily explain your exact location.


For existing breakdown assistance policyholders, the link to the free app will be included with your renewal documentation but if you would like details now please email or call one of the team on 01274 465500.  If you do not have roadside assistance cover and would like to find out more please email or call as above.