Technology & Digital Media play a rapidly increasing role in our day to day lives, but each new development, or application of existing technology exposes the industry to a continually evolving range of risks.

Our teams have a wide range of experience in providing practical, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of businesses including:

  • Software developers and designers
  • Digital media services
  • Technology services providers
  • Social media
  • Hardware manufacturers and network equipment and service providers
  • Web designers & hosting services
  • Data centre design & management
  • Managed services and cloud technology
  • Systems integrators
  • Health information technology
  • Component manufacturers
  • Telecommunications (including mobile, fixed line and associated data services)
  • Emerging technology risks e.g. artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things
  • Technology consultants


Our expertise covers:

  • Contractual risk management
  • Patent infringement
  • Supply chain resilience and business continuity planning
  • Brand and reputational protection
  • Research & development
  • Utilities/telecoms and loss of connectivity
  • Cyber attack, including theft, ransomware and terrorism
  • Protection of intangible assets
  • Key individuals – financial impact of loss


Policy features some of our clients enjoy:

  • First and third party cyber insurance cover available (hacking, viruses, Trojans, malware, denial of service attacks etc.),  including crisis management
  • Patent infringement (defence and pursuit)
  • Digital media liability (breach of intellectual property and negligence in connection with electronic content)
  • Broad customer, supplier and utilities extensions
  • Network interruption expenses (first party cyber business interruption)
  • Third party service provider extension (disruption to your business due to cyber event at a third party service provider)
  • Technology professional indemnity
  • Cross border coverage including USA/Canada
  • Data breach crisis management (including customer notification costs)


For further information or advice please contact Matt Smith – or call 01274 465525; Ian Gover – or call 020 7426 5353; Tim Mackenzie – or call 0131 322 2632.

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